Why should I use your courses?

If you value your health, and don't want to suffer problems later in life, or are just 'feeling old and tired' then my courses can help you.

What's the difference between lifestyle medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine?

They are all similar in that they differ to conventional medicine in that they focus on the prevention and treatment of illness and disease through Lifestyle measures, not medications. We still use medications where necessary, but the primary focus is on treating with lifestyle interventions.

Lifestyle medicine focusses on the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine, functional medicine aims to get to the route of the problem by looking at the 7 systems of the matrix, and integrative medicine aims to employ both conventional (allopathic) and traditional medicines to help heal and treat diseases.

What does this all mean for me?

By learning from my courses it means you may not need medications, or at least as much. Most of my patients do not require medications for a very long time, if at all, and many in fact see me to get off their medications safely and effectively, without any side effects or complications.

Why should I care?

Healthcare is totally broken. The conventional medicine is making people sicker, and doctors are profiting off people being sick, not spending enough time with their patients, and generally just not understanding the root causes of illness in today's society.

They also have an over-reliance on prescribing medications.

Medications are a major cause of illness across the world, with a leading cause of morbidity thought to be iatrogenic - that is - caused by medications or the doctors themselves. An alternative approach to medicine and healthcare can avoid these issues by helping you treat your own conditions, and really to prevent them happening in the first place - through lifestyle measures with no side effects, and little to no cost.

Can't my usual doctor just do all this for me?

Yes they can, but most have not trained in extra ways of working such as lifestyle medicine, functional medicine or integrative medicine like I have, and most are just honestly too quick to reach for pills. We've all experienced this from doctors. 

Most of the time, unless you actively try, most doctors just simply don't spend enough time with their patients to truly understand what is happening, and try to fix it, without resorting to quick band-aid fixes with medications.

Proper care takes time unfortunately and extra training to see past the obvious and deal with the real deep underlying issues.

There are some amazing doctors out there, but almost all spend nowhere near the time that I do with my patients. My average time for a consultation is around 39 minutes. Very few doctors understand the root causes of diseases, so how can they possibly help?

Blood tests are also extremely useful, but how many doctors know how to even interpret blood tests properly? How many times have you been told that your bloods were normal but they aren't at all?

Or maybe your doctor just refuses to do all the tests that you need, or they recommend standard advice like 'calories in vs calories out' . Ah sigh. If that worked we'd all be skinny.

My years of extra training and expertise I can give you the type of dietary advice that will actually work. No more being told 'eat less move more' like that will somehow fix your issues - and when it doesn't - you get accused or lying, making it up or simply not trying hard enough.

Another thing we'll learn about is screening tests.

I feel great though, do I need any further tests?

Not necessarily, but quite possibly. Confusing?

Let me explain:

Much of the time I see patients who have fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, aches and pains or just want to lose weight. Maybe they are 'getting older' and don't want to be, or they simply put how they are feeling down to getting older. They accept it.

But what if there was actually something going on under the surface that was making you feel this way?

You probably have had some tests done but maybe not the right ones. It's likely the lifestyle doctor would want to do more tests after having a consultation with you.

If you are tired of your doctor brushing off your concerns and you want to take charge of your health, my courses may just be perfect for you.

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